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Dec 18, This page contains a thumbnail guide to all of the illustrations in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series by volume. Oct 30, October 13, — Index SS: Norse Mythology — Completed. October 15, — Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration — Completed. Baka-Tsuki (BT) is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. Founded in by Thelastguardian (初代 – ).

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Flames that burned away everything. Someone would put together the plan, someone would gather the weapons, someone would attack the bank, someone would carry the money, someone would take care of the money laundering, and so vaka.

By the way, are you okay with spicy foods? All that was well and good, but it was only the beginning of fall.

Baka-Tsuki | Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Why even use ijdex that was only made to be used in some childish fight? If you truly think you can justify killing Theodosia and trampling on Patricia, then ijdex so here and now.

Stiyl had been forced into back-to-back fights and had even had to track down Theodosia, a supposed ally, but he smiled. They were famous for accomplishing their goals by any means necessary and there were stories that left even pros speechless upon hearing the number of corpses created in the process of achieving their goals. And the third was activating it all such that the origin magic power that activated the spell was disguised. Stiyl Magnus mercilessly indxe that horrible weapon that inded burn away anything that touched even a spark from it.

That does not refer to a powerful flame. It appeared to be some kind of viscous liquid and the smell of melted plastic floated in the air. In other words, he could not tell what it was supposed to mean with just that. That means your flames are defensive. However, within this world of scientifically developed superpowers exists an underground world of magic and occult connected to the religious institutions of the world.


Instead, it burned like it was made of paper. It held the meaning inex preventing interference from an unwanted other party in a specified area you own.

There were runes on the surface. A small sign tilted to the side made one think the area was not popular at night and that crimes often occurred there. A stimulating situation started spreading out before him and it was far removed from the peaceful appearance of things.

Komoe-sensei rummaged around and pulled out her cell phone. However, organizations like Necessarius had been created in the first place because that was not enough to deal with everything.

Richard was not alone. Stiyl ran and ran in order to gain some distance. The identity of a race that had techniques that not even the head Norse god could use. But thinking back on that previous scene would immediately tell one just how much a difference there was ba,a that explanation and the reality of his job.

Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament

I guess you really are the little sister type. However, he doubted those magicians had come to allow Richard to escape. You must have carved runes somewhere other than the sword. For now, I need to get to the police…no, to Anti-Skill!

He was aiming for the dirt in the ground. Baka-Tsuki is a website that primarily hosts unlicensed fan translations of light novels in the Wiki format. I now have the epitaph fragment and the remains of Patricia. Looks like I managed to put a stop to that attack. Founded inthe website claims that it has “expanded to become the largest fan-based English light novel agglomerate on the Internet”. The website also has a forum, tssuki IRC channel, and hosts original light novels and visual novel translations.

There has to be a trick it uses inrex make things burn and the way around it has to be directly connected to it!! A completely ordinary stone apartment tsuuki existed within the Inxex Borough of Lambeth. Your job is to capture Patricia.


Toaru Majutsu no Index:Volume SP – Baka-Tsuki

The Dawn-Colored Sunlight was one of the leading magic cabals even within the great magic country of England. In other words, techniques that did not fall inside the category of Norse mythology. On the other hand, what that girl had done had been to tear up the very ground the enemies stood upon. With nothing more than a swing of his flame sword, Stiyl had sliced that attack in two so it passed by him on either side.

If that had been the result, the flames would have enveloped Stiyl. Stiyl did not have time to do a detailed analysis of their spells as he had for Richard. If they did not do all that, their losses due to attacks from the anti-magician organization of the Anglican Church would be too great. Even then, rune bakq like that was carelessly being erected in places like Sweden.

That destructive attack would crush the weak and the strong evenly. That is, until the brutal Freshmen appear before them. The primary male protagonist of the series. They chaotically grew, tsukj fought, chaotically destroyed each other, and finally reached some kind of strange overall balance. Given that, it may have been for the best that the Dawn-Colored Sunlight had tilted in the direction of being a magic cabal.

Presumably, the objective is observation and protection. If a normal person who had no connection to magic were attacked and taken away tsuoi that city, the problem would exceed the realm of the Anglican Church and a magic cabal.