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Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan?

You guys are obviously propagandists. Search BBC money box hsbc cash for the article. However, all this must not draw us into irresponsible demagogy nor to bidding higher in the stakes of nationalism.

If it is greedy self-indulgence to give what akriras due to people who have suffered so much in their lifetimes before they die, that is a point of view to which you are entitled and with which I am in disagreement because my message was about Cypriots living in Cyprus at a specific time:.

Akritas plan – Wikipedia

As this stage the provisions in ii and in are applicable in parallel. When this is achieved no legal or moral power can prevent us from deciding our future alone and freely and exercising the right of self-determination by a plebiscite.

Copies or part copies are prohibited: It is at this stage of consultations before intervention that we need international support. I would suggest you akrltas back to your ladybird of economics and your Ouija Board for your estimated oil revenues. This may not have been so long ago but Cyprus has come a long way since then.


Hellenic Antidote: The Akritas Plan

The plab step of the plan was to cancel international treaties that existed to safeguard the republic, including the Treaty of Guarantee and the Treaty of Alliance. From the history of many recent instances we have learnt that in not a single case of intervention, whether legally justified or not, has either the United Nations or any other power succeeded in evicting the invader without serious concessions detrimental to the victim.

As the court of appeal noted: You are technically incorrect. It is acceptable for me to share it by citizens like this.

Before anything else we must expose the true identity of akirtas reactionaries. The struggle for Enosis failed disastrously and GCs had to eat humble pie and settle for independence. Already inTurkish Cypriots were ordered by their leaders to cut social and financial ties with their Greek Cypriot neighbours.

Its content has been well — known since; yet for reasons unknown!!! The whole process is difficult and must qkritas through various stages because factors which will affect the final conclusion are numerous and different.

Naturally, more serious dangers exist for Cyprus.

Well, its strange so much talk about independence. Both sides have been victims of self-serving warlords and both sides have been guilty of atrocities. My own position is that each side should ask the other for forgiveness for past failings and move forward as Cypriots. Yes We can share Cyprus peaceably Yes to national community autonomy within a united Cyprus. There will be no Enosis with Greece, and many of us will spill our blood poan keep Cyprus independent from any other country including Greece.


Retrieved 28 February In this case, it concerned property purchased in northern Cyprus, which belonged to a dispossessed Greek Cypriot owner. Northern Cyprus has changed so much that even the Presidential spokesman is talking a lot of crap, pretending he knows everything!

They are known as clamorous slogan-creators who are good for nothing but speech-making. The thing is, if one lies to oneself long enough, after a while it becomes his truth. Come on man, chimpanzees have evolved past the Turks. Britain and the US had to be convinced that plab Turkish Cypriots did not have to be afraid of Greek Cypriot political dominance in the island. Needless to say, without doing away with any perceived connection to historic national roots?

At the same time, however, we must not only maintain the present unity and discipline of the patriotic forces, but increase it.