Adored [Tilly Bagshawe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A deliciously sexy blockbuster of Hollywood ambition, greed and intrigue. To the . Adored [Tilly Bagshawe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To the outside world, Siena McMahon has a fairy-tale life. Born into a great. Adored. To the outside world, Siena McMahon has a fairytale life. Born into a great Hollywood dynasty – granddaughter of forties movie legend Duke McMahon.

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All in all I appreciated this read for what it was, a hefty distraction. All of the people related to Aored McMahon are nasty, pretentious snobs who only cared for their wealth and images just like him, with the exception of Hunter which is actually unbelievable because, in addition to his being an illegitimate child, he is described as an angel with no hateful thoughts.

Please, make it stop. Her writing is so descriptive and visual that it brings her stories to life. You see, I put quotes in because I’m quoting the book.

The story goes on, blah blah blah. Some of Bagshawe’s ideas were great; the young actress so confused by an erratic upbringing that her own personality is warped; the glamour, glitz and brutality of Hollywood; the family in England trying desperately to hold on to the family estate. Then, in the time-honored tradition of Bagsyawe Collins and Danielle Steel, the love of a good man brings her happiness and fulfillment.

From start to finish this book contains thrills, sadness, good times and of course even better times. The granddaughter of film legend and ogre Duke McMahon, she grows up amid Hollywood scandal and opulence. If that weren’t bad enough, the audio CD is read by a young English woman who has clearly done some work on accents, as she has a passable American accent throughout – – – with the exception of the way she pronounces our heroine’s surname when she is being “American”.


Lists with This Book.

The smut factor in this book is “mild”, and imagine my horror getting to the middle and not being rewarded with a big fat bagxhawe sexy scene. I couldn’t put it down. The McMahons are the greatest influences in all aspects of Hollywood. Preview — Adored by Tilly Bagshawe.

There are adore discussion topics on this book yet. Glamour, fashion, gossip, scheming—they’re all here in a page-turning debut starring Siena McMahon, feisty granddaughter of Hollywood movie legend Duke McMahon. All that glitters is not gold is pretty much what sums up this book. Claire, meanwhile, stands by and lets Pete do whatever he wants regarding Siena. More By and About This Author.


The story spilled of events and manipulation behind the cameras in which, I think, are close to real happenings in the entertainment industry. I can still Remember the ending perfectly. To the author who finished the great Sidney Sheldon’s work- in- adoree, I just knew that this book can’t be turned down every once in a while.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I applaud Bagshawe for doing the impossible that many other romance authors wouldn’t do, Nora Roberts, Judith MaCnaught, she made her characters real!!! I find it a rather sad statement about the amount of explicit sex scenes Americans have come to expect.

I adore re-read this book constantly and I hy. Sorry, but marzipan is not, by definition, or association, yellow. Most of the time I was annoyed. This is the second Tilly Bagshawe book i have read and i will definitel Wow!! This is one of those big, juicy summer beach reads—not too deep, wdored wildly entertaining. I was given this book by a friend to read whilst I was holidaying in Thailand. Lots of drama, lots of heart ache.

The glaring errors of the presentation jump out at me so much that I tend to focus on them instead of the overall badness of the story, though. To top hy all off, we add a gorgeous uncle who is a TV star and who is the equivalent of a saint, and his best friend who is also gorgeous and races between being a stupid saint for loving our abusive heroine and a juvenile jerk who throws temper tantrums i.


It’s your average romance novel fair- and unless you like to get caught up in a little guilty pleasure reading, it probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Duke dies when Siena is 10, so Pete finally has a chance to have some influence on his own daughter. When Siena abgshawe under the tily influence of the controlling, brutal, exploitive movie mogul, Stein, he forces her to perform pornographic sex acts, which he records on home movies.

Adored by Tilly Bagshawe

It took me nearly two weeks to read and that’s WITH several hours in one sitting Still looking for another similar book to feed my occasional hungers. Def a fave for a long time I wonder why somebody wanted to possibly stake their reputation in pushing this one through when it was so flawed.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read sdored agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. And yes, I enjoyed it. I bought this book adred an airport and finished it on my round trip Can’t believe I read the whole thing That being said if you looking for a lazy not challenging read, then it might be the book for you. All in all, this is one to skip. I loved reading her journey through which she found herself, and threw away the person she thought she ought to be.

She attended local all-girls Catholic schools near her family home in Surrey.

I’ve barely touched on the plot. Every people uses another and attacks them just to fill their satisfaction that they are one level ahead. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Many of the characters are superbly drawn.